DruvStar DataVision™

Building a zero-trust environment for your data

SaaS tool powered by AI/ML technologies providing comprehensive data observability, and unmatched insights for data governance and protection.  Our clients use it for data sensitivity analysis, data access governance, and automated alerting against the compliance policies.

Protecting your valuable data assets is a business imperative that you can't afford to neglect.

Staying ahead of risks such as data leaks, ransomware attacks and noncompliance grows more challenging every year due to:

The complexity of your distributed and expanding IT landscape

The dynamic data and
user environment

The evolving security threats and the magnitude of cyber attacks

Cyber Incidents
#3 global risk for 2021
Cost of Cybercrime
$945 billion estimated in 2020
Data Privacy and Security Concerns
#1 barrier to digital transformation

Organizations adopt various solutions to control unauthorized access to sensitive data — yet continue to struggle with their data governance and security.

Common data security challenges

Understanding where all the data resides across the complex and distributed ecosystem, and who touches critical data, where and how — which creates the risk of data leaks and noncompliance with governmental regulations

Staying ahead of threat actors, who are constantly evolving their tactics, looking for weaknesses to exploit — making it difficult to anticipate the next attack

Relying on disparate tools or manual processes to comply with government regulations — lacking not only assurance that authorization controls are working but also the complete picture of what data was affected and how in the event of a security incident

Gain Comprehensive Visibility and Reduce Exposure to Threats

Data Vision closes your data access visibility gaps to provide a comprehensive view of data and access through the entire lifecycle, reducing your risks of internal and external threats, improves your regulatory compliance and enables a zero trust environment — all in one, comprehensive SaaS solution


Comprehensive 360-degree visibility into your data sources and users


A comprehensive data security map and data classification

Fully Automated Monitoring & Alerting

Policy-based data protection and monitoring


The ability to track data access and detect anomalies, regardless of source

Support for all architectures — cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments

Protect Valuable Data Assets and Reduce Risk as Your Business Grows and Your Environment Evolves

Comprehensive Data Visibility

When users access data through services or applications, do you know if they’re doing so as intended and authorized? Do you have data access assurance or is your only option to trust the vendor’s claim about the data access layer? Data Vision’s comprehensive, user-centric, 360-degree data mapping, displayed in a visually intuitive way, solves your visibility challenges by providing:

  • Automatic discovery of data and users    

  • Data asset classification 

  • End-to-end tracking of who/what/how of data access at all points of access and sources

    • How the request to data is made.
    • What data and type of data is requested.
    • Who requested the data.

Data Vision closes visibility gaps into data sources and data access throughout the data lifecycle.

  • Discover where all your data resides across your complex, distributed ecosystem

  • Understand who touches critical data, where and how, regardless of point of access or source

  • Implement data governance and gain the context you need for protecting your data

Sophisticated Threat Detection

Threat actors are constantly surveilling your dynamic environment and changing their tactics, techniques and procedures to exploit new weaknesses and take advantage of new opportunities. Data Vision’s AI-driven anomaly detection enables you to identify threats based on behavior — so you can stay one step ahead of cyberattackers and reduce your risk.

  • Identify unusual patterns that indicate the possibility of a threat, thanks to machine learning technology that monitors services, applications and data access.

  • Detect unauthorized or abnormal access to data, defend against external and internal threats and move toward a zero-trust security model

  • Monitor activity of authorized and unauthorized users to detect emerging threats

Prove that you meet the regulatory requirements for data violations

Robust Policy Enforcement

Data protection policies by themselves may not be enough to comply with government regulations because you’re relying on the vendor’s assurance that your authorization controls are working. Data Vision reduces your risk, secures your data and simplifies compliance by monitoring your environment for policy violations while facilitating investigations into anomalous events.

  • Monitor user behavior and compliance with a continuous detection and compliance-ready dashboard that provides a high-level view of data to monitor compliance

  • Quickly implement data access policies that comply with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA and PCI-DS.

  • Automated alerts on abnormal activities or access to sensitive data and conduct investigation drill-downs so you can take fast actions to protect your data assets.

Data Vision Capabilities

View data assets

View authorized users

Provide alerting on anomalous access

Provision and deprovision access

Monitor access

Visualize data classification

Manage and escalate alerts and receive notifications

Track and show data owners and custodians

Classify your data automatically


Track access expiration


A Critical CCPA Compliance Step Your Organization May Be Missing

When laying the foundation for compliance with regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), organizations often focus on activities such as training privacy and security teams or notifying customers about data collection. These are important activities however, an important and more fundamental step to CCPA compliance that many organizations skip — properly classifying data in order to protect the right information.

[White Paper] Closing data visibility gaps in your complex, distributed environment

Lack of data visibility poses serious risks to data security, governance, and compliance. The only way to adequately protect sensitive data is to know where it is and who is accessing it. Organizations that take these necessary steps to meet the inevitable data visibility challenge are better placed to secure their most sensitive data assets against leaks, breaches, and cyberattacks.

Defending Against Data Breaches with Zero Trust Security

Zero trust security assumes that the network is always hostile, which means internal and external threats exist on the network at all times. The approach is to authenticate and authorize users and devices before granting access to enterprise resources regardless of the location of those users or devices.  The mantra that defines the zero-trust approach is, “never trust, always verify”. 

Protect your data with DruvStar DataVison™

DruvStar DataVision™ enables building a zero-trust environment for data in an enterprise. It’s a SaaS tool powered by AI/ML technologies and provides comprehensive data observability, and unmatched insights for data governance and protection. Our clients use it for data sensitivity analysis, data access governance, and automated alerting against the compliance policies.

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