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With over 100 Years of combined gaming experience, DruvStar keenly understands the cybersecurity needs of the industry. Recipient of the 2021 Gaming and Leisure Partner of the Year Award, recognizing DruvStar for unprecedented commitment to customer cybersecurity, and dedication to the gaming industry.

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DruvStar is licensed in numerous jurisdictions and with multiple TGAs. If you need a security provider that’s licensed in your jurisdiction reach out and let’s chat.

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Awards and Partnerships

Recipient of the 2021 Gaming and Leisure Partner of the Year Award, recognizing DruvStar for unprecedented commitment to customer cybersecurity, and dedication to the gaming industry.


The modern Casino Resort constitutes a sophisticated mesh of technologies deployed across the property, data centers, and the cloud. Multiple technology solutions support

And many more…

DruvStar provides Assessment and Protection solutions to validate and monitor the digital security posture across all of these environments.

Sports Wagering Security Assessment

An enormously popular gaming security solution.
Supports System Integrity and Security Assessment regulatory requirements in
all jurisdictions for Sports Wagering.
Combines internal and external penetration testing of critical components.
Validates security steps taken to protect new Sports Wagering installations.
Covers Mobile, Kiosk, POS, Signage, Servers, Network and Cloud infrastructure.

External Penetration Testing

Attackers can identify and target a vulnerable system from their couch.
Understand the access that can be gained from the outside world to your infrastructure.
Know that the services that you expose are safe.
Get security recommendations to protect your web site.

Internal Penetration Testing

  • If a bad actor plugs into your network, what can they achieve?

  • If an employee gets caught out by a phishing attempt, what’s the impact?

  • What’s running in your environment, and is it safe according to current industry standards?

  • How safe is your Wi-Fi network?

Answer these and many other questions with an internal penetration test and vulnerability scan. DruvStar’s team of ethical hackers will work through hundreds of attack scenarios to provide critical insights and guidance to tighten and protect your network.

DruvStar Swat Team

You’ve run penetration tests. You’ve closed the identified vulnerabilities. You’re running antivirus.
Now what are you doing differently to ensure that you’re safe?

DruvStar’s D-SWAT rapidly deploys a Managed SOC to your environment with real threat hunters on-site. This engagement weeds out active attackers, discovers signs of compromise, and uncovers live flaws in action using up to the minute threat hunting.
D-SWAT identifies and roots out cyber attackers that are already lurking inside your system.

DruvStar's Threat Insights™

Detection and Response is a critical component of any mature security solution.
While ransomware can hit quickly, threats often lurk in systems for extended periods, gathering as much information as possible. Picking up data on your customers and employees and looking for opportunities to escalate their capabilities.

  • Are your environments continually monitored for bad actors and actions?

  • What are you doing for detection?

  • How many events are being captured and handled for you?

  • When someone opens a phishing email, how quickly is this detected?

  • Do you know when you’re under attack?

DruvStar’s Security Operations team continually monitors for bad actors and persistent threats and works closely with your team to respond at the moment it’s needed, providing continuous coverage, every single day.

Product Security Validation

Our experience with casinos and manufacturers has put us in a unique position. We understand the risks from legacy, and even new products shipped to the casino floor. To solve this, we are now working with manufacturers on Product Security Verification. This service ensures that their products are security-hardened during the software development life cycle and BEFORE making it to your floor.

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7 Ways that DruvStar’s Threat Insights™ Solves Cybersecurity Challenges for the Gaming Industry

The Gaming Industry’s Choice for Information Security.

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Event: Indian Gaming Trade Show & Convention 2023
Date: 27-30March
Location: San Diego, Convention Center, CA


Event: The 3rd Annual Tribal Cybersecurity Summit
Date: 9 March
Location: Virtual


Event: SBC Summit North America
Date: 9-11 May
Location: Meadowlands Exposition Center, New Jersey


Event: OIGA
Date: 14-16 Aug
Location: Cox Business Convention Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Event: 24TH Annual Tribal Net Conference & Tradeshow
Date: 18-23 Sept
Location: San Diego, Town & Country Resort, CA


Event: Global Gaming Expo (G2E)
Date: 9-12 Oct
Location: The Venetian Expo, 210 Sands Ave, Las Vegas

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[Ebook] Cyber Attack Emulation : An Essential Tool for Strengthening Your Defenses

Cyber attacks are a major concern for organizations of all sizes due to the ever-growing dependence on technology and the internet. To be prepared for any potential cyber threats, businesses should use a human-implemented cyber attack emulation as a proactive measure. The primary objective of such emulations are to assess the organization’s ability to detect, respond to, and recover from a cyber attack.

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