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The healthcare industry has been undergoing substantial change in recent years with the introduction of tighter requirements, increased competition and the development of Electronic Health Records. As patient records are converted to digital formats and with tighter regulations on confidentiality, comprehensive and secure solutions are key to successfully navigating the modern healthcare industry.

Companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Amazon, and Berkshire Hathaway have announced last year to deliver healthcare to their employees in yet-unspecified ways. These disruptors open up doors for new players outside the healthcare industry, leading to increased competition and healthcare industry challenges. 

Amazon has also acquired wholesale pharmaceutical distribution licenses in several United States. Besides, there are other non-traditional players like Apple, Samsung, Alibaba, and Tencent have entered into the market. These companies, powered by technology, have introduced digital disruption in healthcare and consumerism into the healthcare industry, which rings the alarm bell for existing players to invest in Digital Transformation and other emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and IoT. The most concerning of these challenges are those pertaining to data security.

Average total cost of a data breach by industry

Public $1.08
Research $1.53
Media $1.65
Hospitality $1.72
Retail $2.01
Consumer $2.59
Communication $3.01
Transportation $3.58
Education $3.90
Entertainment $4.08
Services $4.23
Industrial $4.99
Technology $5.04
Pharma $5.06
Financial $5.85
Energy $6.39
Health $7.13

Measured in US $ Millions

All of this translates to the challenges of IT teams having to wrestle with heightened regulatory requirements while simultaneously trying to update information systems from legacy hardware.  With limited resources, this is particularly concerning, as Legacy systems tend to be more vulnerable to security threats.

While investments in resources, money and technical training continue with implementing Electronic Health Records within your business, many healthcare organizations are still struggling to catch up.

As if this wasn’t enough, the healthcare industry faces constant security threats as noted in IBM Security’s “Cost of a Data Breach Report” 2019 states where the health industry made the top of their list for Data Breaches with an average total cost of a data breach listed at $6.45M.

HIPAA Data Breach News



Type - Risk

Business Impact









Magnola Pediatrics




Oaklawn Hospital

Universal Health Services

Primera Blue Cross

Dept Health and Human Services

Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Attack


Phishing Attack

Ransomware Attack

HIPPA Penalty

HIPPA Penalty

12861 Patients Notified

Impact Analysis Continues

Impact Analysis Continues


26861 Patients Notified

Impact Analysis Continues


$2.3M | 6 Million record Breach

Druvstar Solutions

TM Threat Management
SA Specialized Assurance
SVD Security Vulnerability Discovery
ST Security Training

2020 Totals by Vulnerability

With the appropriate security service, healthcare organizations can improve their security, balance their resources while also gaining better visibility of their network. DruvStar offers solutions to these challenges by leveraging our cloud-based SIEM Platform to address these issues at a fraction of the cost when compared to in-house security implementations.

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