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[Ebook] Cyber Attack Emulation : An Essential Tool for Strengthening Your Defenses

Cyber attacks are a major concern for organizations of all sizes due to the ever-growing dependence on technology and the internet. To be prepared for any potential cyber threats, businesses should use a human-implemented cyber attack emulation as a proactive measure. The primary objective of such emulations are to

[White Paper] Closing data visibility gaps in your complex, distributed environment

Lack of data visibility poses serious risks to data security, governance, and compliance. The only way to adequately protect sensitive data is to know where it is and who is accessing it. Organizations that take these necessary steps to meet the inevitable data visibility challenge are better placed to secure

[Ebook] How to Protect Yourself and Your Company from Phishing for Free

We all receive weird emails that don’t seem quite right. Spam, sales, offers, and the like. Interacting with some of them poses a real threat – these are phishing emails. Download the book to find out what is phishing, how dangerous is it really, and what can you do to protect
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