Enhancing Indian Head Casino's Data Security and Threat Detection with DruvStar's DataVision

Leveraging the sophisticated anomaly detection feature of DataVision,
the casino could effectively identify sensitive irregularities, significantly
strengthening their threat detection capabilities.

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Key Outcomes

Enhanced visibility and control over user access management processes

Improved data classification and user access management

Elevated threat detection and response capabilities

The Situation

Before adopting DataVision, Indian Head Casino struggled with data access oversight and management. The growing complexity of their IT environment made it difficult to maintain a clear view of data access patterns – when essential data was accessed, by whom, and how. These challenges featured prominently in their security profile and resonated through their compliance protocols.


The primary challenges Indian Head Casino encountered included: 

Limited Visibility:
Without a robust system in place, understanding and controlling user access to databases were cumbersome, making it difficult to preemptively identify and mitigate potential security threats.

Integration and Configuration Hurdles:
The need for a solution that could be seamlessly integrated with their existing security infrastructure without extensive downtime or compatibility issues.

Operational Compliance:
The existing procedures around user access management to data stores were inadequate, exposing the casino to risks of non-compliance and security breaches.


Following the strategic implementation approach, DataVision addressed the key challenges tailored to Indian Head Casino’s specific needs

  • Enhanced visibility and control

  • Anomaly detection

  • Enhanced compliance posture

  • Ease of implementation with zero configuration

  • Robust user management and security

  • Comprehensive and specialized monitoring capabilities

Approach, Solution and Outcome

Eliminate Cyber Risk With DruvStar

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