Penetration Testing Service

Closing the door on attack opportunities

Comprehensive penetration testing as a service, using advanced automated tooling and certified hackers.

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David Almeida

Director Of Technology Operations - Fathom Realty

"DruvStar worked closely with our team to plan and execute a comprehensive Penetration Test. Helping us identify and close potential security gaps that led to a heightened level of assurance with our ongoing investments in keeping our business secure."


Identify scope of test

Establish rules of engagement

Reconnaissance and Planning


Draft Report

Resolution and retest

Thousands of tests beyond OWASP Guidelines



API testing

Data access

User access



Server accessibility

Web Application



Physical access

Man in the Middle

Default passwords

Weak passwords

Cross Site Scripting

SQL Injection

Credential Stuffing

Token Manipulation

Buffer Overflow

System Configuration






Fork Bomb



Hash Function

Honey Pot

Input Validation


IP Spoofing


Logic Bombs

DNS Spoofing



Password Cracking

Password Sniffing


Ping Sweep



Rainbow Table


Network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Data sources/Data access


Data sources/Data access

Reverse Engineering



Session Hijacking

Social Engineering

ecure Sockets Layer (SSL)

War Driving

Null-Byte Injection

Denial of Service

Distributed Denial of Service

Directory Traversal

Role-Based Access.



Banner Grabbing


Brute-Force Attack

Code Injection

Cross-Site Scripting

Dictionary Attack



DruvStar's Penetration Testing Services

Personal Service

Close planning and execution collaboration between testers and customers creates better understanding and more successful outcomes.


Test coverage across your entire ecosystem:
Endpoints, Websites, Web Apps, APIs, Mobile, Network, Device , Bluetooth, Wi-Fi , Cloud ,On-prem, Co-located and Hybrid.


Every environment is different. Each test strategy is uniquely designed to validate your configuration.

Automated and Manual

Automated scanning covers a wide area quickly, but only live testers think like a criminal to expose the unexpected.

Expose, Prioritize, and Remediate

DruvStar's professionals expose vulnerabilities and collaborate with you to recommend rapid remediation.

DruvStar’s penetration testing simulates genuine cyber attacks by ethically detecting vulnerabilities anywhere in your applications and infrastructure.

Penetration testers use knowledge across several domains, tools, technical skills, and security protocols to show where access could be gained to your systems and sensitive data.

DruvStar’s penetration testing goes beyond trying to get into the identified systems. DruvStar works closely with our customers to clearly understand their needs and systems to ensure that all potential vulnerabilities are exposed for resolution.

Web Application Security Testing

If you’re building web applications and APIs, how do you know that you’re services are protecting:

How are you verifying that your services can’t be used:

Web Application Security Testing focusses specifically on an actors ability to gain unauthorized access to web data or services. This is achieved using multiple techniques to break the key tenets of web security: authentication, authorization, nonrepudiation, confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

By closing these entry points, you can be confident that you’re only providing the valid services that you expect. DruvStar’s ethical hackers can quantify your vulnerabilities before unethical hackers do.

Mobile Application Security testing

Are you about to ship your latest mobile app on iOS or Android? Before collecting any personal or sensitive data, make sure your product is secure from the mobile client to your back end services.
DruvStar’s Mobile application Security Testing verifies the following areas to ensure best practices are being followed.

Internal Vulnerability Scans

If an attacker should find their way in to the system, what will they find when they’re there? Make sure there’s nowhere for them to go and nothing that they can do from the inside.

DruvStar’s internal vulnerability scanning assesses your environment for known vulnerabilities and weaknesses across your digital ecosystem including firewalls, routers, servers, and services. Our cybersecurity professionals assess each vulnerability to provide valuable remediation guidance.

Data Governance

[White Paper] Closing data visibility gaps in your complex, distributed environment

Lack of data visibility poses serious risks to data security, governance, and compliance. The only way to adequately protect sensitive data is to know where it is and who is accessing it. Organizations that take these necessary steps to meet the inevitable data visibility challenge are better placed to secure their most sensitive data assets against leaks, breaches, and cyberattacks.

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