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We give peace of mind by identifying vulnerabilities, hunting down threats, and protecting business 24/365.

"We wanted somebody we could trust and rely on, which would allow us all to sleep better at night."
Richard Rader
Richard Rader

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Get Complete Breach Protection,
Regardless of Security Capability or Budget

In a world of modern security threats, you need modern security solutions, DruvStar’s MDR (Managed Detection and Response) service delivers  enterprise grade security presence across all your environments.

Cyberthreats are increasingly menacing and a distraction for executives. Having DruvStar on board ensures cyber safety and allow clients to focus on business.


  • xdr


    Providing protection by correlating network, log and endpoint analysis, data science techniques, and threat intelligence to detect and rapidly respond to threats that have made it past other controls.

  • IR

    DruvStar evaluates events, investigates incidents, and collaborates to quickly halt attacks and minimize damage. DruvStar identifies root cause and impact of an incident and ensure that adaptations are made to prevent future attacks.

  • EDR

    By monitoring activity across all endpoints, DruvStar can instantly see the current security situation, and prioritize alerts should there be an issue. This reduces dwell time by going beyond signature sweeps, and rapidly detecting new and non-malware attacks that other solutions overlook.

  • Threat Hunting

    DruvStar’s certified security experts love to hunt down the bad guys. In addition to event monitoring, incident evaluation, and escalation, DruvStar aggressively identifies and evaluates unusual activity.

  • SIEM

    DruvStar utilizes highly rated Enterprise SIEM solutions to aggregate all security data, allowing analysts to quickly triage incidents, and to orchestrate security operations from event to resolution. DruvStar’s SIEM can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid.

  • NDR

    By using full packet capture across the entire network, DruvStar detects threats as they try to move through the system. Entire sessions can be reconstructed for evaluation, impact, and root cause analysis.


    DruvStar’s U.S. based SOC 2 Type 2 certified Security Operations Center utilizes NIST security frameworks that complement intensive 24/365 monitoring. DruvStar remains ahead of the latest threat and attack techniques. U.S. based data never leaves the U.S. If needed for compliance purposes, data can remain on premise.

  • Vulnerability Discovery

    There are many advanced ways for a hacker to penetrate a system, but DruvStar’s diligence makes successful attacks difficult and infrequent. This fundamental initiative is mission critical.

Druvstar Solutions

Maintaining a vigilant stance to manage complex cybersecurity challenges requires a multi-pronged approach. Finding and closing vulnerabilities, hunting down and neutralizing attacks, and training staff enhance an organization’s security posture.

Threat Management Service




Log Aggregation

DruvStar Threat Management uses advanced technologies for threat hunting and disposition. We do this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Vulnerability Discovery Service

Pen testing

Application Testing

Trojan Horse Discovery

We will discover vulnerabilities which are currently being exploited to plan and launch cybersecurity attacks.

Cybersecurity Training

Security Awareness


Incident Handling

OWASP Top 10+

Cybersecurity Training For Software Developers, Testers And Security Professionals. Hands-on and low-cost technical training on core security topics

Protecting your business, infrastructure and data does not have to be expensive

Get enterprise security coverage at cost effective prices

24/365 critical alerts and monitoring

Cybersecurity experts are in short supply and expensive. DruvStar’s team delivers high quality coverage without management challenges or the price tag.

Incident response and recommendations

In the event of an incident, a knowledgeable analyst works collaboratively with in-house talent to minimize impact. DruvStar is supported by the NIST 800-61 framework for optimal preparedness when seconds count.

Risk based prioritizing

Analysts quantify and prioritize events so they can be appropriately addressed.

Compatible with exisiting tooling

Integration into most applications retain familiarity while presenting a holistic view of the threat environment. Duplicate tools may be consolidated.

Root cause analysis and impact assessment

An incident must be identified and shut down quickly. A clear understanding of the underlying factors surrounding the episode is essential to quickly identify and mitigate potential threats.

Customizable to needs

A tailored solution is developed to align with each businesses’ unique infrastructure, standard practices, and requirements.

Access to SOC analysts

Providing guidance and alleviating concerns.

Incident reports

An incident must be identified and shut down quickly. A clear understanding of the underlying factors surrounding the episode is essential to quickly identify and mitigate potential threats.

Business Continuity

The impact of failed cybersecurity has grown beyond the IT team. It must now be planed for as a business continuity challenge.

The Druvstar difference

We are motivated by an intense desire to protect our customers through affordable cybersecurity solutions



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Eliminate Cyber Risk with DruvStar

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