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How to Protect Yourself and Your Company from Phishing for Free

We all receive weird emails that don’t seem quite right. Spam, sales, offers, and the like. Interacting with some of them poses a real threat – these are phishing emails.

According to the FBI, phishing was the most common type of cybercrime in 2020—and phishing incidents nearly doubled in frequency, from 114,702 incidents in 2019 to 241,324 incidents in 2020. 

75% of organizations around the world experienced some kind of phishing attack in 2020.

Download the book to find out what is phishing, how dangerous is it really, and what can you do to protect yourself for free.

In this ebook we cover:

  • Learn different types of phishing attacks (Spear-Phishing, Smishing, Clone Phishing, Whaling, Vishing, etc.)
  • Learn how to identify phishing emails.
  • Learn how to identify dodgy URLs.
  • Understand the psychology behind why people are tricked by phishing scams.
  • Understand why Phishers phish.
  • Avoid being fooled by an email scammer.
  • Keep your data safe and double-check before submitting any information.

phishing ebook cover

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