DruvStar Unveils New Cybersecurity Products and Services: A Pioneering Venture in Strengthening Gaming Industry’s Cyber Defenses

Doubling DruvStar’s portfolio, the new suite of cybersecurity solutions ensures that businesses of all sizes in the gaming industry, can navigate the digital landscape confidently and securely.
Manjit Gombra Singh

DruvStar, a leading cybersecurity firm devoted to defending clients from dangerous cyber threats, is proud to announce its latest suite of cyber and data defense products and services. The new offerings focus on proactive cyber defense, simplified compliance, and reinforced data protection, empowering businesses to traverse the digital landscape securely and confidently. The following products are part of the new launch on August 2nd, ahead of BlackHat conference in Las Vegas:

  • DruvStar vCISO Service
  • DruvStar iGaming Security Assessment
  • DruvStar Data Safety Audit in compliance with ISO 27001
  • DruvStar Threat Insights for Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • DruvStar Threat Insights for Network Detection and Response (NDR)
  • DruvStar Threat Insights for Startups (MDR)

The flagship addition to the service lineup, DruvStar’s vCISO Service, addresses the need for expert cybersecurity guidance, especially for organizations lacking in-house resources. The vCISO service offers an all-encompassing range of services, featuring Governance Framework Setup, Security Policy Definition, Vendor Security Policy Review, Business Continuity Preparedness, Executive and Board Reporting, Strategic Cybersecurity Planning, Proactive Risk Management, Compliance Assurance, and Incident Response Readiness.

An integral part of the suite is the enhanced DruvStar Threat Insights Product, now expanded with three new versions – Threat Insights for Startup (MDR), Network (NDR), and Endpoints (EDR). Each version is designed to cater to businesses at different stages of cybersecurity maturity, equipped with a SIEM, Certified SOC, and advanced Threat Hunting. The integration of these offerings into an organization’s existing IT infrastructure ensures real-time threat intelligence, rapid incident response, and expert support from dedicated security professionals.

Threat Insights for Startups provides essential real-time threat detection and response features for businesses in their early growth stages. Threat Insights for Network offers comprehensive network monitoring capabilities and visibility into network traffic, helping businesses to preemptively identify potential threats. Threat Insights for Endpoints, meanwhile, focuses on safeguarding organizations at the device and user level, providing granular visibility for swift detection of abnormal behavior and potential security breaches.

A pivotal addition is the Data safety audit service, conducting comprehensive audits in alignment with industry standards, such as ISO 27001. The service provides a 360-degree view of data safety risks and provides an in-depth Audit Report. The service addresses key challenges, such as ensuring data asset safety, managing data confidentiality, enhancing visibility and control, user profile management, and simplifying regulatory compliance reporting.

Furthermore, DruvStar introduces iGaming Security Assessment service, for performing rigorous security penetration testing based on industry standards, covering iCasino, RGS platforms, On-Prem iGaming, and mobile games. These assessments aim to uncover potential vulnerabilities in an iGaming solution’s internal and external networks, as well as in its mobile and web software stack. “DruvStar’s commitment to proactively defend our clients against cyber threats remains our top priority,” said Manjit Gombra Singh, Founder and CEO of DruvStar. “Doubling DruvStar’s portfolio, the new suite of cybersecurity solutions ensures that businesses of all sizes in the gaming industry, can navigate the digital landscape confidently and securely.”

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DruvStar delivers advanced AI-powered cybersecurity solutions to protect businesses from cyber threats. Operating from a Vegas-based SOC, our platform offers 24/7 threat surveillance, critical data oversight, and proactive incident response. Specializing in the gaming industry, we blend AI/ML technology with over 100 years of collective experience to provide tailored risk management, data governance, and security assessments, ensuring robust defense and compliance for enterprises.

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