DruvStar Sponsors Annual TribalHub Cybersecurity Summit for Second Consecutive Year

Our event sponsors continue to show their commitment to supporting and protecting all Native American Communities, and their support makes it possible for us to . . . deliver the Cybersecurity Summit.
Michael Day, TribalHub Executive Director

DruvStar Supports TribalHub Mission of Equipping Tribes to Prepare, Prevent, and Protect, by Sponsoring 2nd Annual Cybersecurity Summit

Leading cybersecurity firm, DruvStar, is a partner sponsor for TribalHub’s second annual Cybersecurity Summit taking place virtually on June 16, 2022. This educational event features experts in the field of cybersecurity sharing knowledge with executive level decision makers across tribal gaming, government, healthcare, and information technology. This informative event is a must-attend for tribal leaders seeking to protect their digital assets.

“DruvStar is proud to be supporting the TribalHub Cybersecurity Summit and progressing their mission of equipping tribes to prepare, prevent, and protect,” expressed Michael Coppert, Vice President of Business Development at Druvstar. “It has never been more important to ensure your tribal organization is protected from cyberattacks. We look forward to learning more about the cybersecurity concerns of tribal entities and identifying where DruvStar can assist with being a supportive partner,” he continued.

During their second annual event, TribalHub’s Cybersecurity Summit focuses on navigating the turbulent cybersecurity waters and provides the tools to do just that. Over the course of one day, attendees will hear sessions on cybersecurity awareness, security strategy framework, SOCs, the dark web, data classification & governance, cyber insurance, and more. In addition to gaining an understanding of multiple cybersecurity related topics, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from and connect with companies offering cybersecurity solutions.

“The TribalHub Cybersecurity Summit is a significant effort that requires months of coordination, planning and resources to bring together hundreds of sovereign tribes and their enterprises across the country for a single day spent discussing the shared challenges of preparing and protecting their vital interests and critical infrastructure from ever evolving cybersecurity threats,” commented Michael Day, Founder and Executive Director at TribalHub. “Our event sponsors continue to show their commitment to supporting and protecting all Native American Communities, and their support makes it possible for us to organize and deliver the Cybersecurity Summit,” he added.

TribalHub’s Cybersecurity Summit offers tools, resources, and education for tribes to improve their overall security posture. Join tribes and vendor partners across the country to understand the critical roles of tribal leaders and team members in protecting tribal organizations from cyberattacks.

To learn more or register for this free event, please visit www.tribalhub.com/tribal-cybersecurity-summit/.

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