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Your environment is evolving everyday with new patches from vendors, changes in users and devices, and new attack patterns from hackers. New vulnerabilities find their way into your environment. Security vulnerabilities are exploited by bad actors to attack your organization and steal your precious data.

Wouldn’t it be assuring to know that your environment does not have any critical vulnerabilities?





Vulnerability Discovery Service is one of the foundational practices at DruvStar and includes security testing and assessments. Using Advanced technologies, our staff will discover vulnerabilities which are currently being exploited to plan and launch cybersecurity attacks. In our experience, we have seen some scary security stuff – data loss, information leakage, misconfigured DNS, unsecured ports, and incorrect TLS versions are just a few examples of such vulnerabilities.

Product Offerings

External Penetration Testing

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Mobile Application Security Testing

Trojan Horse Security Testing

What’s special about DruvStar

Early on, we realized that there is no single tool/technology that can provide the assurance that today’s business needs. This is the reason that we always employ a multi-pronged approach when we test an environment, employing a variety of tools and multiple certified testers. Where others may test an environment once or twice, we will test it upwards of 20 times.

By choice, we have never been able to finish testing in a matter of days, nor would we attempt to compress security testing to “just a few days.” That would be counter to our approach. We learn from our test runs and go back and explore more. Yes, we go overboard. Our priority is always to explore all risky areas in our customers’ environments.

Over the past decade, agile project management methodologies and DevOps models have been widely adopted in the industry, in both pure and hybrid forms. These methodologies prove the wisdom of continuous integration and test practices.

Repeated, continuous, and multi-faceted security testing is also needed to develop the security assurance that a business really needs. Every time we can use these methodologies, we know we have raised the bar.

vulnerability discovery capabilities


Druvstar design a custom program for each organization to provide a best-fit solution. Requiring minimal time from client’s technical teams, modern security practices are added within weeks.


DruvStar takes a risk-based test strategy, leveraging a continuously running and self-enhancing test suite to find known vulnerabilities. As described above, DruvStar undergoes an explicit strategy and precise test cases to uncover security weaknesses.

External Penetration Testing

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Mobile Application Security Testing

Trojan Horse Security Testing

For speedy and economical security testing

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