Security Awareness Training

Free for TribalNet 2020 Summit

Duration: 1.5 hours

Price Free

Certificate of Completion

Covid-19 has dramatically changed much of how the world works: and Cyber Criminals are using the Pandemic to target employees previously protected by their corporate network environment. Google reports that phishing has increased 350% since the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Humans are the last line of defense.

This class will teach you how to keep yourself and your livelihood safe from yet another threat: hackers and Cyber Criminals. This 90 minute class will talk about protecting your home network, creating strong memorable secure passwords, and defending from phishing attacks.

Allan Lynch

Allan Lynch is an experienced Information Technology professional with over 24 years focused on architecture, security and technical leadership. He started his career in the IT field working as a computer instructor teaching blind and physically disabled students to use computers with adaptive equipment. Since starting his career in IT in 1995, Allan has worked in a variety of industries, including with the DOE and DOD, gaming, travel and information security.

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