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Solve Security Challenges Across Tribal Enterprises and Agencies

  • You already know the threats and the risks

    You understand that it’s not only network and the casino you need to protect, but also transportation, water, electricity, healthcare, education, and emergency communications infrastructure. Now you’re looking for solutions and partners you can trust.

  • DruvStar understands

    We are an independent cybersecurity company with deep experience bringing solutions to regulated and unregulated environments. With Tribal, casino, healthcare, and international customers we understand your challenges and know how to help. Our leadership has over 100 years of combined gaming experience.

  • We’re available

    Don’t get stuck behind account managers. DruvStar recognizes that cybersecurity requires trust and a personal relationship. We’re always available to take your call directly and personally. This really is part of the DruvStar difference.

  • We’re engaging the “shift Left” Industry Trend

    Our experience with casinos and manufacturers has put us in a unique position. We understand the risks from legacy, and even new products shipped to the casino floor. To solve this, we have started working with manufacturers on Product Security Verification. This service ensures that their products are security-hardened during the software development life cycle and BEFORE making it to your floor.

  • Investments in cybersecurity protection

    This has never been more important or available than now. Although cyber-attacks have continued to rise, getting additional budget dollars to keep up has been a challenge. Now with government funding becoming available, IT leaders can move forward with much needed business investments that have been previously out of reach.

Stopping cyber-attacks and protecting your business is what we do Best.

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Druvstar Solutions

Maintaining a vigilant stance to manage complex cybersecurity challenges requires a multi-pronged approach. Finding and closing vulnerabilities, hunting down and neutralizing attacks, and training staff enhance an organization’s security posture.

Threat Management Service




Log Aggregation

DruvStar Threat Management uses advanced technologies for threat hunting and disposition. We do this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Vulnerability Discovery Service

Pen testing

Application Testing

Trojan Horse Discovery

We will discover vulnerabilities which are currently being exploited to plan and launch cybersecurity attacks.

Cybersecurity Training

Security Awareness


Incident Handling

OWASP Top 10+

Cybersecurity Training For Software Developers, Testers And Security Professionals. Hands-on and low-cost technical training on core security topics

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